There are a lot of fans of Matt Damon out there. But Matt Damon doesn’t make himself available too often for pap shots…even though, ahem, he lives very close to the Afflecks. This is another conversation.

Here’s Matt Damon out for dinner in Brentwood last night.

They keep putting his name on the reported list of celebrity guests to George Clooney’s wedding. I put him on the list of people who should be presenting the DeMille Award to Clooney at the Golden Globes. Like Matt + John Krasinski. If they’re really going to the wedding, I’d seat them at the same table too.

How about Brange? Thing about Brange is – they kinda upstage everyone, even George Clooney. But enough of this bullsh-t about Brad being the best man. Over Rande Gerber? Over Grant Heslov? I mean I know it’s a better story, sure. But, come on, at least make it actually possible.