Is Miley Cyrus dating Patrick Schwarzenegger? On Friday they were at her place first, then stopped by his apartment so he could pick up his Halloween costume. I mean, it could be anything. But they supposedly hooked up briefly three years ago and, well, it’s a good story.

They’re both 21. They both understand fame. She’s super sexy. He’s very, very pretty. And he’s a Kennedy. Taylor Swift tried out Kennedy love and it didn’t work for her. Maybe she picked the wrong one? She picked one who was still in high school, for Christ’s sake.

So what does Maria Shriver think? (Sh-t, that’s two Maria Shriver mentions on this blog today.) Well, she did compliment Miley on Twitter after the VMAs in August – click here to see. And, you know, after everything she’s been through with her own legacy and that sh-t with Arnold, I can’t see her being all that judgy. Like, at this point, how could she? I imagine she’d actually be pretty understanding. Unless you see it differently? Tell me.