Taylor Swift spent the Fourth of July weekend at her beautiful new home in Rhode Island where she hosted the dancers from her tour, her dad was also there, and … it would appear… Matthew Gray Gubler from Criminal Minds. Because that’s what the internet is telling me.

Taylor posted photos of herself face-painting with her crew on her blog and then Matthew tweeted that he was heading for New England for the long weekend and posted this photo of himself with his face painted, famewhore. The internet subsequently figured out that the cabinets match so he took the picture down, famewhore. They also follow each other on Twitter. So it must be love, even though Gossip Cop says it’s not love, just friendship.

Oh but is it ever “just” anything?

Gubler is 33 years old. He’s been a supporting player on a network procedural for 8 years. You know how actors are though. Now would be the time to make the jump. And, well, Taylor Swift would be great for that, wouldn’t she?

So what do we know about Matthew Gray Gubler’s romantic past? Well, apparently he used to date a model called Kemp Muhl a few years ago. Around 2004. In 2004 Gubler would have been 24. Kemp Muhl was born in 1987. So… in 2004 she would have been 17. Well, ok then. (Thanks Anna!)

Click here to see more shots of Taylor on the Fourth of July. How does someone look that good when they’re jumping up in the air?

Source ONTD