What would be the English speaking equivalent?

Streep vs Sally Fields?

Dame Judi Dench vs Dame Helen Mirren?

But French. And therefore a million times more dramatic and passionate.

Acclaimed actress Isabelle Huppert was the President of the Jury at Cannes this year. Her rival, acclaimed actress Isabelle Adjani, was scheduled to present yesterday at the festival conclusion …until Huppert stepped in and said no f-cking way, over my dead body.

Word is Huppert refused to share the stage with any French actresses so Willem Dafoe was called in for Charlotte Gainsbourg’s Best Actress award while Huppert took over the Palme d’Or duties herself.

Roger Friedman is reporting that Adjani flew home immediately on a private plane while festival organisers and other jurers plotted to throttle Huppert. She was apparently insufferable the entire time, and was the worst jury president ever.


If you’re going to be a vain bitch, you may as well take it the whole way.

As for Gainsbourg – her win was a major surprise. Antichrist is the most controversial and the most vilified film in the festival. Accused of misogyny and celebrating violence against women, and still Charlotte’s performance was singled out by a female-led jury.

Please note if you intend to see it: Antichrist is not for everyone. Very, very, VERY disturbing. Horribly disturbing. But it’s definitely a conversation.


Photos from Wenn.com and Gettyimages.com