Look at Mae Whitman. In the best outfit she’s ever worn. For the premiere of The DUFF in NYC last night. The DUFF opens this weekend. Mae plays The DUFF– Designated Ugly Fat Friend. Robbie Amell is her childhood best friend, next door neighbour, nemesis, and, well, I think you know the formula.

It’s not a perfect movie. But what works is their chemistry. Mae, as always, is the best. And it’s time, you know? It’s TIME for Mae Whitman. In The DUFF she’s basically telling you it’s about f-cking time and you’re an idiot if you’re not paying attention. But it works even better because she has someone who’s working really well with her. Robbie Amell is irresistible. Sh-t, it’s not like it sucks to look at him and still, that wouldn’t matter if he couldn’t match her, right? And he does, he keeps up. Like a hotter Taylor Lautner and a MUCH better actor. There were times when I couldn’t supress my smile and I also didn’t want to. These two are so likeable together you voluntarily turn down the volume on your c-nt voice and just… go with what’s easy. And, really, it’s easy, really easy, to watch them.