Game Of Thrones’s Iwan Rheon was at the Glamour Women of the Year Awards last night in London with his girlfriend. Some of you have emailed me lately about how hot he is, like it's a new discovery. Um. Excuse me. We already talked about this a few years ago when I was obsessed with Misfits. Which you should totally start watching as soon as season 5 is over.

Ramsay Snow of course is Iwan’s biggest role to date. And, obviously, he’s terrifyingly good at it. He’s not the first sociopath the show has given us… but unlike, say, Joffrey, Ramsay’s not stupid. Which is why he hasn’t died yet. Kit Harington has been saying in interviews this week that some f-cked up sh-t is on the way for the final two episodes of the season. Would be great if Ramsay could be on the receiving end of that f-cked up sh-t for a change but if I were one of the writers, I’d make us wait longer for that satisfaction.

As for Iwan outside of Ramsay, he’s also a musician and recently released an album. I’ve not listened to any of his music. Because I’m afraid. I am afraid when actors sing.