Came across this article the other day about the Jaden Smith backlash - have you heard? He's just 11. So of course it's mean. But it's an interesting dilemma. Because Jaden of course is being put out there to be profited from. In that sense, as a consumer, is it right to criticise the product?

Jaden fronts a smash hit movie - The Karate Kid is performing very well at the box office, considered another great success for the Smith family - and it's not his first smash hit movie either. Like his dad, almost every Jaden movie is a smash hit movie.

This then, yes at just 11, is a power player.

Much of the Jaden controversy surrounds his appearance on Letterman last week during which, at times, he sassed the Man himself, and, to some, appeared to disrespect an elder. I did indeed find him insolent, a little arrogant, with a little punk attitude...

But I also noticed his charisma. Already charisma. And timing. This kid can quip. He can quip with all the charm of his father, as annoying as he is, and no doubt he is annoying, he has presence. A lot of presence.

Here's where I'm conflicted though: I would have found the goody goody Disney approach even more insufferable. If he had made like Emmy Rossum, my hate-on would be so much harder.

I don't have kids but I do know that kids will push. It's no surprise that Jaden's fronting like a bad ass. The problem isn't that he's trying, the problem is if he keeps trying because he's always excused. And who does the excusing? You are already familiar with what happens when the excusing becomes excessive.

Does (Team) Jaden deserve the backlash?

And now I've just written too many words only to end by telling you that I honestly don't know which position to take on this. Can you weigh in?

Jaden and sister Willow showed up at the Eclipse premiere last night. They’re adorable. And I don’t know if I should talk about them being adorable. Because, somehow, does talking about them being adorable seem like implied endorsement of parent pimpage? Hollywood and its insidious machinations.

Jaden Smith on Letterman.