In London yesterday for the big splash premiere of Prince of Persia, Jake Gyllenhaal was at his best – no pants issues, so handsome, loose and relaxed, the most winning smile, and the 15 year old in me totally wants to be his girlfriend at the sight of these shots of him holding Gemma Arterton’s hand and teasing her privately, making her giggle. Please can he talk to me like that? He’s perfect this way. So perfect. And when he’s this perfect, when his tux fits so well, it’s hard, yes, to keep declining his application for the Freebie 5. But there’s also an argument to be made for his future entry on the Lifetime List, if of course he keeps playing it the way he’s been playing it.

Because Jakey seems so fun. At least when he’s on red carpets and talk shows. Have you seen Jakey with Jonathan Ross? Just aired on Friday in the UK. F-cking hot. And charismatic. And silly. And willing to play. And when he cuts that broccoli (he has really beautiful hands) and drops that butter on the frying pan and sticks his tongue out and laughs his great laugh, the quiver comes on hard. Hard in the way I can feel in my stomach. Hard in the way that might merit a fantasy conversation and a pretend relationship screenplay. Unless of course I hate the movie.

The full Wossy interview is below. If you only want to watch the cooking parts, it’s toward the end of the 2nd video.


Photos from and and Stuart Wilson/MAX NASH/