Jake Gyllenhaal and Dakota Johnson?

Not the greatest source but let’s discuss the possibility. Radar Online (like I said, not the greatest source) is reporting that Jake and Dakota were seen together at a club in LA last week. Apparently it’s a super secret club and so exclusive that there’s not even a name for it yet.
Is this the club that Gwyneth Paltrow is starting? Click here for a refresher. Would make sense. G and Jake are close.

Anyway, Jakey and Dakota are at the club. And Radar said that they were talking to other people and having a good time and then left separately, she out the front and he out the back. And supposedly a witness says they looked at each other like all undercover and smug before they got out of there, like they’d pulled off a heist. At no point does Radar offer any details about physical intimacy.

Still. It’s an intriguing prospect. Dakota had a boyfriend up until June, Matthew Hitt. They broke up last year, got back together around the time Fifty Shades Of Grey came out, but haven’t been photographed together in several weeks. Earlier this month, he was out partying with the One Direction boys. There was no official confirmation that they’d broken up. But Jake and Dakota were both at the Hollywood Foreign Press Association event a couple of weeks ago so, I suppose, if you’re looking for an origin event, that might be where it started. And both grew up in Hollywood. They get it. And neither one is an excessive famewhorer.

Also, there’s this:

Fun fact: Dakota Johnson and Taylor Swift are the same age.