Jake Gyllenhaal’s new movie Source Code opens today. There was a screening in New York last night. Here’s Jakey, after a week of talk show appearances, arriving at the theatre last night and inside with costar Michelle Monaghan (remember when everyone said she’d be a big deal?).

Source Code
is receiving some solid reviews, scoring, at press time, 88% on Rotten Tomatoes and a more moderate but still decent 74% on Metacritic. Richard Roeper actually called it the “best movie (he’s) seen so far in 2011”. Am curious to see how it’ll do at the box office. Jakey wants a win. He probably needs one a little bit right now too.

So how does Jakey feel about Lindsay LOHAN sniffing around his potential win? You know what she’s like. Desperate for an association, any association, she showed up at the screening and probably tried to get a picture with him. I haven’t seen one so far.

As for those photos of her that I posted yesterday (click here for a refresher) seemingly cranked out and crawling on the ground in Manhattan at 2:30am outside a bar. Lohan says she was just goofing, that it was a joke with friends, that she hadn’t been using, drinking, nothing, telling TMZ that:

“They're trying to make something out of nothing. Lindsay adds, "Just because I'm out doesn't mean I'm drinking."

Well, actually, when it comes to her… it totally does.

Photos from Wenn.com and Stephen Lovekin/Gettyimages.com