Second day in a row this week we’ve kicked it off with Jakey G. Seems unlikely that this streak will continue so we’ll ride it while we can. And Jakey has a new ride too.

He went out for lunch yesterday in LA and parked his new bike outside the restaurant and the meter ran out and he tried to feed it but was issued a ticket anyway. If it means anything to you that’s a Triumph Bonneville T100. I only know this because the photo agency mentioned it in the description. Apparently it’s a common cock-toy for Hollywood men: Ryan Reynolds has several, and Brad Pitt, and George Clooney, and Shia LaBeouf, and now Jake Gyllenhaal. I guess Jakey feels the facial hair best accessorises his new toy.

Whatever. By November when Love & Other Drugs is in theatres, beardy Jake (no other connotation implied) will be put away. Let’s enjoy it again, shall we?

Photos from INF