Very low profile the last few months, right? Maybe even all of last year after Source Code came out. Here’s Jakey with some friends after sushi yesterday in Hollywood looking like he hasn’t worked in a while. I’m not saying that to be a bitch...yet. I’m saying it because that’s what we all do when we don’t have to go into the office: we don’t shave, some of don’t shower (this does not apply to me), we wear loose pants, and it’s glasses only, no contact lenses.

Still... Jakey hasn’t booked his next job. While Ryan Gosling just shot three movies back to back. Now I’m being a bitch. But if you don’t think they care, well, that’s where you’re very, very wrong. They care. A lot. It’s probably all they care about in fact. That doesn’t mean Jake’s career is in the sh-ts. Of course not. He’s no Ryan Phillippe. It’s just really, really competitive out there among all the Goslings, Reynolds, Coopers, DiCaprios, Wahlbergs, Tatums, Evans, Pines, Hardys, and more in his immediate vicinity. And some of them have better track records.

Anyway, I don’t know why I’m talking about his career. What I really wanted to say when I picked up these photos and started writing was that I hope I see him this weekend at the Palm Springs Film Festival gala as they honour Michelle Williams. I have no idea if he’s going. I have heard nothing to suggest that he will be. But he was there last year for Natalie Portman. And it’s not that bad of a haul from LA. And, I dunno, he’s tight with Michelle too, supposedly Matilda’s godfather and all, so call it wishful thinking if you want. I prefer Conjuring.