Carey Mulligan was given the Hollywood Actress Award last night at the Hollywood Film Awards for her work in Suffragette which, frankly, hasn’t been buzzing the way people expected it would in terms of its awards potential. Carey, however, does have a legitimate chance at a nomination for Best Actress although she trails Brie Larson and Saoirse Ronan on momentum. If the Hollywood Film Awards actually meant something, this would have helped her. But, as we’ve established, not really.

Still, she’s in Hollywood. And at this time of year in Hollywood, you’re there to work it. So she’s working it. And with a very good friend, Jake Gyllenhaal. As you know, Jake is close with Carey and Marcus Mumford. These are really cute photos of them together.

Jake’s been in LA shooting Tom Ford’s Nocturnal Animals. And I guess Tom doesn’t want him with facial hair which, ordinarily, I don’t mind. But, I don’t know, does he look a little tired? Those signature droopy eyes a little more droopy? When he smiles though, it makes such a difference.

This weekend I watched Southpaw with Jacek. I don’t know what it is about seeing a movie again in your basement but OMG, I had a totally different reaction to him this time. Like I kept pausing and telling Jacek, “Holy sh-t, I want him he’s so hot”, even though his face was f-cked up the entire time but Jesus, he’s never been sexier.