It’s been a while, right?, since we’ve seen Jake Gyllenhaal so clean-shaven? He was hairy for Broadway for several months. Now it’s all come off, here in Georgia, on the set of Prisoners with Hugh Jackman (not pictured). definitely not an electronic cigarette.

Sh-t. Now I want one. A real one.

Anyway, there was a Jake Gyllenhaal marathon on TV a couple of weeks ago. I was hiding in bed from all my responsibilities and watched for hours. Even Prince Of Persia which, as you know, is an embarrassingly awful movie that you can’t blame on Reese Witherspoon or Taylor Swift. Still... there is something about Jake. He’s very compelling on screen. And he has never been more compelling than in End Of Watch. I regret not giving End Of Watch the love it deserved at the time. At the time I guess I just thought everyone else would and they wouldn’t need it. But then, a couple of weeks ago, people released their Top 10 Films of 2012 and I thought for sure End Of Watch would make it on at least some... only it didn’t. To me this is crazy. To me, End Of Watch is easily, EASILY better than Lincoln. And Silver Linings Playbook. And the Boring Life Of Pi. No film this year had more authentic dialogue, and you’ll not see a more realistic friendship in film than that portrayed by Gyllenhaal and Michael Pena.

End Of Watch is out on DVD tomorrow. It’s totally, TOTALLY worth your time.

And if you were wondering, here’s my 2012 list in no particular order:

End Of Watch
Moonrise Kingdom
Beasts Of The Southern Wild
Les Miserables
The Avengers
Pitch Perfect
The Master
You Don’t Know Bo
Holy Motors