Here’s Jake Gyllenhaal in West Hollywood yesterday after what was presumably a lunch meeting. As you can see, he’s leaving with a binder. Script?

Earlier this week, Jake, in the same clothes, was photographed out with his German shepherd, Atticus who, for some reason, is wearing clothing, and is very well behaved off-leash. How old is Atticus now? He was puppy when Jake and Kirsten Dunst were together. They broke up in 2004. So at least 10? In dog years, they say that’s around 75. My beagle Marcus is 10 too, about 56. But the bigger the dog, the faster they age. Atticus is a senior citizen. You worry about your senior citizen dogs. I worry about celebrity dogs. Like, when Jakey’s in New York and travelling around the world, and Atticus can’t go with him, who’s he hanging out with? That’s the part of being a movie star that must suck. You miss so much time with your pets.

Anyway, Jake, as far as I know, is not on Twitter. But his girlfriend Alyssa Miller is and while she doesn’t post directly about him but he’s there, as we saw here. Jake’s ex-girlfriend, Dunst, is also on Twitter. Obviously she doesn’t post about him at all. And neither does his sister, Maggie. Click here to see her Twitter account. Maggie follows Kirsten on Twitter. Kirsten follows Kobe Bryant and Go Fug Yourself but she doesn’t follow Maggie. And Maggie doesn’t follow Alyssa. What do you read from this? Nothing…or something?

(Thanks Rakel!)