So f-cking cute.

Jake Gyllenhaal was photographed today in Beverly Hills leaving a medical building. So Jakey, what’s your next job? These appointments are usually for insurance and etc before starting work on new projects.

But that’s not been our focus lately. The focus lately has been Jakey and Swifty. Oh I would love to be a piece of gum stuck under the dinner table when/if Taylor Swift meets Maggie Gyllenhaal. Maggie G can be condescending and sanctimonious. I love this about her. And in many ways that would be even better. If Swifty writes a song one day about the bitch ass older sister. Please. I’m all over it. Which only means they’ll probably act disappointingly civilised and get on really well.

Enough about this though and to your questions about the Love & Other Drugs review. Soon as the media embargo is lifted, I will post. But he is so delightful and so sweet and so hot, SO HOT, in this film, I find it hard to believe you will come out there without some stirring in your lady business. Also, um, he’s naked. A LOT. And a really great movie kisser. It’s a skill too, you know.

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