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Spider-Man is going through some stuff

Sarah Posted by Sarah at May 6, 2019 16:46:28 May 6, 2019 16:46:28
Victor Chavez/ Getty Images

The spoiler buffer for Avengers: Endgame is officially over, because there is a new trailer for Spider-Man: Far From Home and it is straight up giving away major Endgame plot points. This trailer gives us a better view of Peter Parker post-re-snap, still reeling from That Thing That Happened and getting back in the groove as Spider-Man. Full Story

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Jake & Tom’s one afternoon walk

Lainey Posted by Lainey at March 25, 2019 16:35:35 March 25, 2019 16:35:35

Famous friendships seem to be theme of the day. We started with Princess Kate’s alleged friend drama. And Ginger and Scary Spices’ friendly sex. And Adele and JLaw at the club. So here are a few more quick picture posts of celebrity friends. There will be two or three to follow this one. Here are Jake Gyllenhaal and Tom Sturridge going for a walk in New York on Saturday. Full Story

Jake & Tom: a men’s fashion moment

Lainey Posted by Lainey at February 15, 2019 16:49:20 February 15, 2019 16:49:20
Walter McBride/ Santiago Felipe/ Getty Images

Here are Jake Gyllenhaal and Tom Sturridge last night in New York at The Public Theatre for their play(s) Sea Wall/A Life. The reviews I’ve read so far have been solid and both actors are being praised for their performances, with critics noting that Jake, who’s been focusing his attention on the stage as much as the screen the last several years, is “slowly building a theatrical resumé to match his work on film Full Story

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Sarah Posted by Sarah at January 15, 2019 19:34:13 January 15, 2019 19:34:13
Youtube / Sony Pictures Entertainment

The teaser trailer for Spider-Man: Far From Home has (finally) been released (after some wrangling with Disney about timing). I ADORE Spider-Man: Homecoming, but this teaser? It doesn’t excite me. There’s not anything in it that grabs me and makes me sit up straight. This is not necessarily a referendum on the movie itself, just that what they have chosen to put in this teaser is not what I really want to see from this Spider-Man, let alone from this Spider-Man in 2019. Full Story

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Jake & Jeanne in Paris

Lainey Posted by Lainey at December 28, 2018 17:00:42 December 28, 2018 17:00:42

I first posted about Jake Gyllenhaal with a new girlfriend at the end of August when he was seen with a then-unidentified woman, now known to be model Jeanne Cadieu, on a couple of occasions, including a trip to Greece. Full Story

Spider Surprise

Sarah Posted by Sarah at December 10, 2018 17:21:02 December 10, 2018 17:21:02
Backgrid, Rebeca Figueiredo Amorim/ Getty Images

Spider-Man: Far From Home comes out next July, which means its press machine is creaking into gear. Jake Gyllenhaal joined Instagram to help with the effort, and this weekend, he, Tom Holland, and Jacob Batalon made an appearance at Comic Con Experience Brazil, where the trailer debuted (though it has not been released online). Full Story

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Jake joins Instagram

Lainey Posted by Lainey at December 6, 2018 17:16:36 December 6, 2018 17:16:36
Elder Ordonez/ Splash News

Jake Gyllenhaal is now on Instagram. It’s not necessarily news anymore, when a celebrity is on social media. Even Julia Roberts is on IG now. I don’t know that Jake, though, over the last few years, falls under the category of the “sharing” celebrity. He keeps his sh-t pretty tight. Full Story

Jake’s quiet year

Lainey Posted by Lainey at August 29, 2018 19:23:35 August 29, 2018 19:23:35
Paul Zimmerman/ Getty Images

Exactly a year ago this week, like this week, I was prepping for TIFF, screening films every day. I love this annual tradition, it’s one of the best bonuses of the job – as everything slows down before the Labour Day long weekend, to get away from the heat in an air conditioned theatre and watch movies back to back to back. Full Story

Jake G finally goes comic book

Sarah Posted by Sarah at May 22, 2018 15:31:38 May 22, 2018 15:31:38
Michael Kovac/ Getty Images

Jake Gyllenhaal’s name has circled superhero movies since the dawn of time. Way back when Spider-Man was new to the big screen, and Tobey Maguire got into a negotiation spat with producers, Gyllenhaal was reportedly tipped to take over as Peter Parker Full Story