Thanks to all of you who sent this over… there were so many of you! And with the same reaction. Jake Gyllenhaal on the phone is best, flirtiest Jake ever?

OK so here’s what happened:

They were debating Jake’s height on a podcast called Mystery Show. Mystery Show is produced and hosted by Starlee Kine. You might recognise her from This American Life. Mystery Show just launched a few weeks ago and has already become really popular…among a certain crowd. You know the crowd. I’m telling you this because I’m not sure that the connections here are as random as some people might think they are. Starlee knows people. I mean, at one point in the podcast, Sloane Crosley, her friend, texts her to tell her that she’s having dinner in the same restaurant as Jakey and his ma.

Anyway, the mystery on this particular episode is about Jake’s height. Starlee and her friends were obsessed with how tall he is. And eventually, after a lot of debate and even more hilarious-to-you-and-your-friends-but-maybe-not-to-everyone research, Jake actually calls into Mystery Show to solve the mystery, once and for all.

And yes, even though this would have been vetted up and down for him, even though Starlee’s not exactly rogue, even though the 100% would have been assurance that he’d be safe and protected, yes, yes, yes, he’s adorable. And fun. And, sh-t, on the phone?

He’s hot as f-ck. Irresistible. Volcanic charm. Like I don’t understand how she managed to not phone-sex him by the end of this. Jake Gyllenhaal clearly thrives in this kind of media environment. And maybe that’s a learning opportunity for his PR team. The print interview with the men’s magazine? When he’s trying to prove something and moody as f-ck? (Click here for a refresher.) That’s not where he’s going to win his Oscar. He has a better chance of winning his Oscar when he’s giggling.

Oh and one final note on Jake…

I read an article this weekend at The Atlantic (thanks Ritchie!) called The Decline of the American Actor. Basically about how US actors, male and female but mostly male, are  being passed over for actors from England and Canada and Australia. It’s an interesting read and I don’t agree with it entirely but the only American actor the writer considers to be irreplaceable?

Click here to listen to Jake’s conversation with Mystery Show. Start at 26:00 if you don’t have time for the whole thing.