It was Friend Day for Jake Gyllenhaal yesterday in New York. He had lunch with his End Of Watch co-stars America Ferrera and David Harbour (if you haven’t already, you should see End Of Watch, it was one of my Top 10 of 2012) and they were joined by Jonah Hill. This is why Celebrity Friendships are so fascinating. I can’t actually imagine what Jakey and Jonah would talk about.

Later on, Jake hooked up with Marcus Mumford. Marcus, of course, is married to Carey Mulligan. Carey and Jake worked together on Brothers. He was the one who set her up with Marcus. And of course Carey is starring with Tobey Maguire in The Great Gatsby. Tobey was also in Brothers. Maybe Jakey will sneak into the Gatsby premiere tonight. Have we ever seen a photo of Jakey and Leo together? I just quick-googled, nothing. They have however “trolled for Victoria’s Secret supermodels” together.