James Franco denied f-cking Lindsay Lohan on Howard Stern earlier this week. He also called her “delusional” and accused her of being an attention whore at one of his acting classes. Agree. She’s delusional and an attention whore but…


James Franco is also an attention whore.

Lately he’s been posting a lot of photos from his bed on Instagram. Last night he decided to go into the bathroom, take his shirt off, and stick his hand into his junk:

Then he decided to pull it off. Not his hand. Or his dick. Probably his dick. Probably he got off. Definitely on himself. But he did end up taking down the image even though nothing ever dies on the internet.

So here he is, having just complained that “my dirty sh-t gets put out internationally”, and the next thing you know he’s diddling himself on social media. Maybe he’s going to tell you that he pressed the wrong button on his phone and it wasn’t intended to be public.

F-ck off, James Franco.

If I had to guess, I’d say he was probably sending it to another 17 year old.