Yahoo! asked James Franco to write a poem in honour of President Obama’s inauguration. He didn’t say no. So I feel like most of our disgust should be directed at Yahoo! This poem would not have happened if they hadn’t requested it.

The “poem” is really just a journal entry, with line breaks inserted, “artfully”, because that is Franco’s genius. It could have been shortened though, like this:

When Obama met me he knew my work
From Spider-Man
Now I work again
To honour him
With my words
If I played him in a film
I would win
An Oscar
I am
James Franco

As is always the case with James Franco, it doesn’t matter if you hate it. If you hate it it just means you don’t get it. Who gets to edit James Franco these days? Who gets to provide feedback? Does James Franco even accept feedback? Is Franco capable of seeing feedback as anything but envy on the part of the person giving the feedback? Even if only to offer a simple suggestion like this one, on this line:

“A man whom everyone has some sort of experience of”

If you were to suggest cleaning it up, like this instead:

“A man of whom everyone has some sort of experience”

I wonder if he would reject it, on the basis of what’s organic and pure -- creativity that can’t and shouldn’t be stifled by the confines of the language...

Do not interrupt the Franco with your lack of imagination and your myopic understanding of that which is Good. Good is never questioned, Good is never challenged, Good must never be pushed to be better.

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Attached - Franco at Sundance.