Sarah messaged me yesterday about the new trailer for M Night Shyamalan’s Split starring James McAvoy, commenting that James looks amazing in the movie. I immediately told her that I wanted to write the article because I love James McAvoy, especially if he “looks amazing”. My version of “looks amazing” and Sarah’s version of “looks amazing” are clearly very different.

What she meant was that he’s playing a man who has 24 personalities. This is not what I thought she meant. And now that I’ve seen the trailer and am properly terrified by it, she probably should have taken over this post.

Because, yes, James does indeed look amazing. As in his acting is amazing. Very amazing. James is quite capable giving us all kinds of different characters with his one singular body. Unfortunately I don’t want to kiss any of them, although that doesn’t take away my admiration for his skill as an actor. Because even though this movie won’t make me want to make out with James McAvoy, there’s a bonus to that.

Leonardo DiCaprio is supposed to be working on a movie (a true story) in which he plays a man who also had 24 different personalities and used that as a murder defence. Split is coming out in January. And if James delivers on the potential of this performance, he will be the standard against which Leo’s performance will be measured. Can you imagine? THE GREAT LEONARDO DICAPRIO having to answer to someone else’s benchmark?