Amid all the award season strategising and divorces and hookups and weddings etc, I totally forgot. We’re just a month out from the release of the Fifty Shades Of Grey movie. And it’s supposed to be an EVENT. I want it to be an event. Even though I hated the book and its sh-tty writing, I want to go to the theatre and get horny. I want to walk out of there totally DTF.

Anyway, intense promotion for Fifty Shades should start picking up soon. Let’s start with Jamie Dornan in British GQ. As Jordy, Key Hair for The Social, said to me this morning when she was looking down at my laptop, GQ is really good about making guys look hot when they can sometimes be totally not hot. Dornan as Christian Grey, in the trailers at least, isn’t hot to me at all.

But in these two shots?

When I can’t see him walking with that weird gait? This is excellent.

Problem though: he doesn’t have facial hair as the character, does he?

I read an article today about whether or not being Christian Grey will be a curse on Dornan’s career. His career has been going great the last year or so with the success of The Fall. But how many people have seen The Fall? And how many MORE people will see Fifty Shades or at least hear about it and laugh about it? Will he become a joke because of it? Click here to read the piece.

Maybe it’s not up to him. Maybe it’s up to Sam Taylor-Johnson. I want to believe that she turned a piece of sh-t into something more. 

Click here to read more on Jamie Dornan at British GQ.