Jamie Dornan is in Prague shooting a movie with Cillian Murphy called Anthropoid. He shaved. His hair is neatly combed. He looks better in these old granddaddy pants than I’d ever expect. And the sweater too. Like really, really, really beautiful. Oh my God, SO beautiful.

How come they couldn’t get it this right in Fifty Shades Of Grey? Was it the hair? They made it too puffy, I think, as Christian Grey. Check it here, see?

And from the side:

Jacek has hair like that, naturally wavy. And because he has style for sh-t, he won’t accept suggestions, even though my suggestions are awesome and he’d be even hotter for them.

Speaking of sex scenes, even though we weren’t really, but sort of, since Fifty Shades was so lacking in satisfying ones, let’s talk about porn stars, because I’ve mentioned my favourite porn star a few times here and there and whenever I do, lots and lots of you have emailed asking for his name. Did you know that I know about as much about my favourite porn star as I do about Jamie Dornan, even though the information hasn’t been as forthcoming? That’s the subject of my new column for FLARE. Click here if you want to read about him and why I care about him on a gossip level.