A new trailer for Hidden Figures was released this week. Kathleen wrote about the film back in August, calling it #BlackGirlMath. Hidden Figures opens in limited Christmas Day and wide on January 6, in time for an Oscar qualifying run. And the Oscar buzz, it is building. The film screened on the weekend for industry and critics and the reaction was …well… it was really emotional, especially considering current events. Reviews are still embargoed but Sasha Stone, of Awards Daily, said that she “would not be surprised if it landed in the Best Picture race, and if Taraji P. Henson broke through in Best Actress, or if Janelle Monáe or Spencer made it into supporting. I would even throw Kevin Costner into the ring. Hidden Figures is one of those films that gives back more than it takes and I have to say, it is one of the things people need to see, especially people of color and especially young women of color”.

According to Sasha Stone, during the Q&A that followed the screening, an audience member “thanked (the filmmakers, cast, and crew) because she never saw movies like this growing up where the women — the BLACK WOMEN — are the smartest ones, the math geniuses, the computer programmers, the engineers”. A lot people were crying, not just after the film but during the film. And not all out of sadness, NO! Not sadness! Inspiration, not sadness!

I sent the trailer to Duana last night after watching it. I want us to watch it together. I want someone to make it a thing, a hashtag, whatever, I don’t know, like #HiddenFiguresParty or something. You go with as many people as you can, with all the women in your life, celebrate this movie together, cheer together,
create a movement, paint it all over Twitter and Instagram and Snap and Facebook so that it becomes impossible to miss – do I sound hysterical? A little, probably. But you’ll feel the same, I think, when you watch this preview.

There was a screening for Hidden Figures last night in Atlanta with Janelle Monae and Pharrell. You know who else was there? Jasmine Guy!