I didn’t even know we were doing ‘best hair’ this year, but it turned out that there had to be a way to acknowledge certain looks – please adore this woman’s hair. Please. It is perfect.

It’s so perfect that her dress can obviously only be less so. I assume everyone reading is a fan of Janelle Monae as I am, but if you weren’t, she tends to restrict herself to black and white, and has worn myriad f*cking amazing embellished, black and white suits for many, many years. The dress isn’t bad, but it’s not as amazing as some others she’s worn. 

But there will be much more. She’s in Moonlight AND Hidden Figures, and while Kathleen’s review of it will come later this week, I don’t think it’s a spoiler to say that all of us couldn’t stop staring at Monae. She was captivating. She’ll be around later this season.

Perhaps we could get someone who’s not Giuliana to interview her. Janelle Monae is more than big enough to be sent to the Ryan Seacrest Podium of Importance.