Dear Gossips,

Now that all the Thanksgivings are over, can we talk about Christmas? Jacek just put up the lights outside our house yesterday. We are putting up the tree at midnight on Saturday, a tradition. While listening to Christmas songs. Which is basically the only thing I'll have on rotation until January. And that now includes my friend Jann Arden's new holiday album, A Jann Arden Christmas. And not just because she's my friend.

To me it's all about song selection. I don't understand the compulsion to pick the most obscure holiday songs, like Christmas is about street cred. Is it? For me it's about familiarity. I want to know the words to every song. If it's arranged differently, great. But I have to know it. And Jann understands this. It's wonderful collection, put together with care, and she sounds SO good.

Jann Arden is the best of Canada. The very, very best. And now she's given us the best of Christmas.

Yours in gossip,


PS. Jacek and I arrived back in Toronto after a week in the Dominican Republic on Saturday night. Sunday morning 6am I flew to Winnipeg to  be part of the Grey Cup with the co-hosts of The Social. This morning we were out of our hotel at 345am to get the first flight back to Toronto so that we can go live on air at 1pm. So…I might be kinda out of it today. Apologies in advance if there are errors or if it ends up being just a lot of photos and a light day. Back to full functioning tomorrow, promise. Sorry again for the inconvenience.