As you know, I don’t care about who fathered January Jones’s baby. I should. But she is beige. You throw some girl sh-t onto her however, and, well, girl sh-t never sucks.

January showed up to Vanity Fair last night.

Jason Sudeikis, who was, at one time, rumoured to be the sire, was there too. With his new bonafide Olivia Wilde. Who seemed to be extra extra tactile with her man at the party. With cameras around. For the cameras in fact.

Coincidence or conspiracy?


Over him?

Jason Sudeikis?


Duana likes what January is wearing even though the top is too small on her and was gaping. I quite like the combination too - something about the patterns. Just... obviously the top doesn’t fit right, though I’m not exactly sure if it’s a design flaw or a size issue.