January Jones & Will Forte are dating

Lainey Posted by Lainey at April 2, 2015 13:58:06 April 2, 2015 13:58:06

US Weekly reported it yesterday. And then PEOPLE confirmed it too. Apparently it’s only been a couple of months. But still…

January used to deal with Jason Sudeikis. Like, not just “rumoured to be hooking up” but officially together. And then she got pregnant and there was all kinds of speculation about the father and now he’s with Olivia Wilde and they have a baby and…well… remember, Jason and Will used to work together regularly on SNL. They’re friends.

And I guess it happens often enough in Hollywood because the pool is so small but it’s still weird when they’re in the same crew, right? Like, if Leonardo DiCaprio started dating Suki Waterhouse, it would be weird, wouldn’t it? Or, f-ck it, maybe it’s not weird for them because the celebrity weird factor is already so skewed. These are people who have their assistants break up with their girlfriends for them. They often can’t open a can of soda on their own. Everything about their reality is off-centre by civilian standards. So. OK. Not weird at all.

Alberto E. Rodriguez/ Getty Images

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