And the fact that he’s a vain douche. Because Jared Leto is beautiful. Ageless too. Here he is bike riding in New York yesterday with toned arms and such great bone structure, trying to make you forget that he’s carrying around a bad case of Ebola Paris Hilton infection that SHALL NOT BE FORGIVEN simply because he’s so goodlooking. Like, don’t be a girl about it: “I don’t care if he’s an asshole ‘cause he’s hot.” I will slap you.

As if his associations with disease weren’t enough, and the prolific douchery that’s well documented online (just google Jared Leto is a douche), how about Leto’s adoption of “Bartholomew Cubbins” as his pseudonym? He directs music videos under that name.

Because Jared f-cking Leto, who once willingly put his tongue inside and all over Ebola’s mouth, actually believes he’s special enough to borrow from Dr Seuss.

Sit. DOWN.

“Bartholomew Cubbins” will attend the MTV VMAs this Sunday, up against Bad Romance, Not Afraid, and Empire State of Mind.


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