Almost exactly a year ago, Jared Leto posted a photo of himself with short hair on Instagram and it was a good day. Because I thought he actually did it. And because, sh-t, he looked hot in the picture. Click here for a refresher.

That was a tease.

This is not a tease.

Leto had to get rid of the Jesus for Suicide Squad. So it’s gone. And this is the result:




A photo posted by JARED LETO (@jaredleto) on


There’s been a lot of angst about this online. People are in mourning.


He had good hair, sure. But not great hair. Not, like, Penelope Cruz hair. I don’t understand the obsession over guys with long hair. Especially when they can look so hot with short hair. Which is totally Jared Leto.

His face is f-cking beautiful.

His face is Jordan f-cking Catalano.

Why would you rather him have long hair than be Jordan Catalano again, God!

Have I mentioned I’ve found a new favourite porn star? He’s kind of a mix of Jordan Catalano and Jamie Dornan. Now that Jared’s cut his hair, this makes my alone time a lot more…efficient.