As Sarah just wrote, Suicide Squad opened big this weekend despite sh-tty reviews but they’re already forecasting a possible 60% drop-off next weekend. Whoever you want to blame for that though, do not point the finger at Jared Leto, the Third Best Joker. Because he’s not in it enough to shoulder that responsibility. That seems to be the message that Jared Leto, the Third Best Joker, is pushing.

A lot of footage of the Third Best Joker did not make the final cut of the film. He’s just doing his job to sell the film, a film that might be better if there was more of him in it. Which he doesn’t say explicitly, but you get the idea. So, when asked by NME about the negative reception, Jared Jokersplained it like this:

"I've heard that there's been a very mixed response. It's easy to hear that, but I haven't seen the film and I'm in the film so little that that really has not very much to do with me and what I'm doing now and talking and sharing the film."

Well there’s a guy you want on your team, non? But this is a movie about a team of villains who never belonged on a team in the first place. Meta. And if I thought the Third Best Joker was capable of that kind of meta, I’d be impressed.

(Thanks JJ!)

Attached - Jared Leto out in London last week.