Remember when Carrie Bradshaw, who writes a SEX COLUMN, refused to talk about her sex life with her 3 closest friends in the Sex & the City Movie? Yeah, I rag on that sh-t a lot. Because it was sh-t. And the 2nd one will be sh-t too. Except for Samantha Jones. And… Smith Jerrod?

Jason Lewis appeared on set in New York today looking REALLY good. The pants, you see the pants? It’s genetic. And I said this to Jacek last night at the hockey game. Jacek is always wasting his gifts. Some dude was announcing something on the ice during 2nd intermission and, you know, he did all he could with what he has. But his jeans, they fit like Dane Cook. Have you seen how Dane Cook wears his jeans?


Jacek will never have this problem. He was born with a body that can work the jeans. And he continues to piss on his birthright by continuing to dress like it’s Poland 1977.

Anyway, Jason Lewis isn’t pissing on his birthright. He was a model. Obviously. And he may or may not be Samantha Jones’s lifelong love.

Photos from Jose Perez/