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Jason Momoa & Lisa Bonet: Oscar Best Dressed (Lainey)

Lainey Posted by Lainey at February 25, 2019 19:44:18 February 25, 2019 19:44:18
WENN, Victor Boyko/ Mike Coppola/VF19/ Matt Winkelmeyer/ Mark Ralston/ Frazer Harrison/ Steve Granitz/ Getty Images

Probably they could have worn anything and been Best Dressed, right? I just don’t see how it’s possible for Lisa Bonet to show up at the Oscars and not claim one of the Best Dressed spots. This woman’s fashion influence on what we’ve been wearing for the last 25 years cannot be overstated. Full Story

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Jason Momoa in the totally bonkers Aquaman

Sarah Posted by Sarah at December 13, 2018 19:56:21 December 13, 2018 19:56:21

Aquaman is so incredibly dumb I don’t know how to review it other than to just tell you what it is and emphasize how extremely likeable it is in the face of its own sheer stupidity. So there will be some spoilers, but also realize that mere words cannot capture the magnificent dumbness of this movie, so in a way, it is impossible to spoil. Full Story

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SNL Thirst Traps

Sarah Posted by Sarah at December 6, 2018 17:00:13 December 6, 2018 17:00:13

Jason Momoa is hosting SNL this weekend, and their promos are largely just thirst traps. When you have a hot surfer dude the size of a tree as your host, the jokes write themselves. Thus, Momoa’s promo as an action-page, finding answers by busting down doors and hacking computers while tearing off his jacket, hitting all the highlights of cheesy beefcake heroism. Full Story

Just have fun with Aquaman

Sarah Posted by Sarah at October 5, 2018 18:42:17 October 5, 2018 18:42:17

New York Comic Con is happening right now, and while San Diego is still THE Comic Con, NYCC has been creeping closer in importance for years, with big movie and TV presentations and new trailers released every year. This year, Aquaman brought a five-minute extended trailer that gives a more comprehensive look at the movie. Full Story

Aquaman: Underwater Space Mutiny

Sarah Posted by Sarah at July 23, 2018 14:31:01 July 23, 2018 14:31:01
Albert L Ortega/ Kevin Winter/ Getty Images

We’re used to DC movies being marketed years in advance, but with Aquaman Warner Brothers and DC Films finally showed some restraint, waiting until Comic-Con, five months before the movie is due, to drop the first trailer. That restraint paid off, too, because it gave them a literal stage and Jason Momoa Full Story

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Aquaman: Everybody’s Wet Tonight

Sarah Posted by Sarah at June 15, 2018 16:31:38 June 15, 2018 16:31:38

Aquaman isn’t due until December, and for the first time this decade Warner Brothers and DC Films have not sprayed us down with marketing every minute of every day. With Aquaman they have displayed actual restraint, which means that we are only just now, six months out, starting to see the marketing machine grind into gear. Full Story

Aquaman is rumbling

Sarah Posted by Sarah at April 25, 2018 16:18:10 April 25, 2018 16:18:10
Ethan Miller/ Gabe Ginsberg/ Alberto E Rodriguez/ Michael Tran/ Getty Images

Aquaman is Warner Brothers only live-action superhero movie this year, so there is a lot of pressure on it to perform during the holiday box office season, especially since Justice League disappointed all expectations. To that end, Aquaman was a centerpiece of Warners’ presentation at CinemaCon yesterday. Full Story

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Jason Momoa can pull off anything 

Kathleen Posted by Kathleen at January 24, 2018 14:22:24 January 24, 2018 14:22:24

Our site manager Emily can’t get over Jason Momoa’s bad hat. I emailed her and Lainey that I wanted to write about Jason Momoa today and all Emily could focus on was the hat. It’s a terrible, hideous, revolting hat. That’s not up for debate. I’m with you, Em. BUT Jason Momoa is still doing major things for me in this hideous hat. Full Story

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Here lies Justice League, DOA

Sarah Posted by Sarah at November 16, 2017 20:44:56 November 16, 2017 20:44:56
Wenn, Jon Kopaloff/ Steve Granitz/ Getty Images

You know that description of Voldemort in Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, when Harry is post-life in the way station between places? “…Raw and rough…it had been left, unwanted, stuffed out of sight, struggling for breath.” Voldemort, defeated, provides the most apt description of Justice League, a messy movie which never manages to choose a path, and feels as though it was abandoned as everyone agreed to just write it off as the last vestige of Zack Snyder’s misfiring creative vision for the DC cinematic universe. Full Story

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