Let me preface by saying how much I adore Catherine Zeta Jones. The woman is stunning – a perfect, perfect face if I’ve ever seen one. Which is why I blame this on the makeup. It’s the eyes, I think. Might work for others who need enhancement, doesn’t work for Zeta who doesn’t need much. Here she is with her husband at the weekend – a rare public appearance at some gala. Love her Old Hollywood vibe, don’t you? And I totally get why she didn’t want to settle for some generic hunk who would have done nothing for her upper level status, but going the extreme and wasting her gorgessity on Michael Douglas still hurts me every day. Watch Oceans 12. See what she looks like with Brad. Now I’m not saying they should be together - not at all so chill the f&ck out you psycho “Brangelina” fans - but it’s a taste, you know? It’s a taste of Zeta’s glory had she chosen from a different generation. Like George. Sigh. Can you imagine??? Source