Many of you are having an issue about the age difference between Jake Gyllenhaal and Taylor Swift. She’s 20. He’s 29. They are about to celebrate their birthdays, just six days apart, in a couple of weeks. So 21 and 30.

This is Jeff Goldblum last night in Hollywood after dinner at Mr Chow. He’s dating Lydia Hearst. Lydia is 22. Goldblum is a lot older than 22. I love and hate Jeff Goldblum. He makes every scene. He’s amazing to watch. And part of that is because you know he’s a freak. Creepy too. In real life he’s creepy. Creepy and hilarious, it’s a very unique combination; that he manages to channel his creepiness into something at once amusing and uncomfortable.

Goldblum has never been wanting for female attention. Remember Goldblum and Geena Davis? They were hot together. I always thought they split because he was a philanderer. Then someone told me recently that she heard a theory that he never recovered when she left him. I suppose that might be the more comforting way to look at it rather that the hard alternative truth – that some men just prefer young women.

Care to play armchair psychologist? How do you break down Jeff Goldblum?

Photos from Wenn.com