My reactions, in order, were as follows:

I got excited, then rolled my eyes, then got really warm and happy in my stomach, and then went to price out a pair of 3-hole docs that the kids are apparently wearing again.

Luke Perry and Jennie Garth together? (Lainey: this according to the National Enquirer which everyone has already denied up and down but still…a LOT of you emailed.) 

Why is this so exciting?   The first instinct of many is to be excited because life is imitating art – what was fake is becoming real.   And there’s that great fantasy that maybe they always sort of had a love for each other?  Through her two marriages and his one, they held candles for one another?

I mean, it’s a really sweet thought.   That a crush unrealized at 21 could be completely feasible at 40.   It’s a great fantasy.   In fact, I should probably check with the Writer’s Guild and then start dr afting the screenplay.   And although I read ‘The Stars of 90210: Their Lives and Loves”, an amazing fact-book I got from a Payless Drug Store, I don’t remember there being any hints that these two were flirty back then.   The vibe, as recently as that cringe-inducing reunion show, was that Perry was kind of an affectionate douche.   Just a little…extra.

Still – could it be true?  They have a lot in common, they’ve known each other a long time,  there’s a lot to be said for someone who knew you before you were famous…

Of course, as I’ve mentioned here on LaineyGossip before, I am Brenda’s girl.   Now and forever.   And while Shannen Doherty has had her bumps along the way,  Brenda has remained unsullied in my mind.  

You know what she would say about this?

“Wow, guys.   Getting together with someone from high school, huh?  I guess it’s romantic, in a still-mentally-sixteen sort of way.   Of course,  it also speaks to never having matured beyond your high school self – so I guess that’s actually kind of accurate, right?   Not that I’m calling you infantile or anything. It just seems kind of like the easiest, laziest thing to do.   Strike up a romance with someone who remembers what your body looked like before three kids.   He can close his eyes and squint, and you can pretend the deep furrows on his forehead are from how much he loves you.   Kind of perfect.  Isn’t it.”

Wow.  That felt a little too good.   I might need a little exorcism now.   But you have to admit, Bren kind of has a point.   These two together fulfill all our teenage dreams of hot Baja beach sex, whatever you could fathom that being at the time, but would that feel a little sad once they tried to have a conversation?   Or, given that they were very free for Old Navy commercials and the like, is it actually a pretty perfect match? 

One thing I don’t buy is that they just “rediscovered” one another at this commercial shoot.   If in fact they’re together – and I’ll include “engaging in a previously agreed-upon publicity stunt” in the definition – this has been a back-pocket brew for some time.   It only makes sense.  And while I’m not sure the reality of those middle-aged bodies is going to make my heart jump like it did when we were tweens,  I certainly hope we get some paparazzi pics of the two of them in a steamy rooftop pool.   It’s the little things, you know?

(Lainey: OMG watching this scene makes me want to mainline the entire series this weekend!)