Jennie Garth has officially signed on to join the Beverly Hills 90210 spin-off reprising her role as Kelly Taylor, the part she can never shake.

Unlike Jessica Biel, the Alba Bitch, Sarah Michelle Gellar, Jennifer Aniston, and all those other tv girls however, Jennie has never fought her fate.

She is Kelly Taylor forever. And proudly so.

The new show will feature Kelly back at West Beverly High and there are some suggestions that this is the first in what will be a succession of old cast members returning from the previous iteration. Some are even speculating that Jason Priestly is next and that we will find Brandon and Kelly married after all these years.

Who gives a sh*t?

What we care about is Brenda. And since Shannen Doherty isn’t doing f&ck all, bringing back Brenda would totally make our lives.

Brenda the Cougar who lives next door and engages in some inappropriate exchanges with her 16 year old neighbour resulting in him disclosing the secret to Ms Taylor, the trusted guidance counsellor at school who then confronts her old nemesis in a season finale cliffhanger throwdown at the Peach Pitt.

You love it. Don’t lie.