But first...

Justin Theroux packs light. He’s still hardcore like that, you know? Even though he’s dating Jennifer Aniston and they’re spending the holidays at a luxury resort in Cabo, hosting friends like Emily Blunt, John Krasinski, Jimmy Kimmel and his fiancée Molly, all Justin really needs is a piece of paper and a pen, maybe a cup of coffee in a dark corner with his bike parked outside, so he can ride away with his thoughts at any moment, far from Hollywood, and he wouldn’t look back. Because he hasn’t changed. He’s still the badass with only one pair of cut off tight jean shorts and he will not sell out and succumb to proper beach attire, goddamn it, because this, my friends, is how a man defines his character.

Also, yes, he’s that tight and toned and has no idea the paps are there, shooting how ripped he is, and glistening with sweat and oil.

But how about his hand on her ass like Pitt Porn styles? Not bad, not bad. Can we try this on a carpet sometime and truly challenge the Brange? AND judge the competition?

Here’s how it breaks down for me right now: Brad’s positioning is better, as he’s more experienced, but Jen’s ass is superior to the Jolie’s, and therefore, overall, could be the edge on artistic merit.

PS. been trying to zoom and creep (unsuccessfully) on the book she’s reading and I don’t recognise the cover although Canadian covers often differ from the American versions.