Said it before and I’ll say it again - I know y’all don’t like her hair but I love her hair. I like it unkempt and untrimmed. I like it when the ends aren’t even. I hate my own ends to be even…to the point where I nag at my stylist to make sure they’re not even. Sometimes polish isn’t necessarily perfect, you know. And there’s a way about Gwyneth here, the way her locks are all over the place and free and messy and abandoned – it makes her look young again, especially the shot of her in the striped sweater, the turn of her face and the set of her mouth – my girl is stylish without even trying. Suddenly I feel like watching Emma… Anyway, she’s in London, pictured here after calling on Stella McCartney, no doubt a visit with Bailey, the McCartney’s newest arrival. We are losing touch Gwyneth and I. Babies all around her, babies for all her friends, and still I’ll never have a baby…not even for Gwyneth. Sigh. I am Jennifer Aniston. Source