Jennifer & Justin make the holidays

Lainey Posted by Lainey at December 6, 2013 15:53:14 December 6, 2013 15:53:14

There have been a lot of rumours moving around lately about Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux. Several tabloids are making calls almost daily trying to find out if they’re still together. And not just STAR Magazine either. The celebrity-friendly ones are sniffing it out too. Because there’s been some talk that they might not make it to marriage. Even PEOPLE Magazine, usually super far up Aniston’s ass, published a report last month about Jen’s shifting priorities:

“‘She had included her friends and seemed excited [about the process]’, a source told the magazine, but recently 'Jen said she needed to focus on work.'” (Source)

Interestingly enough though, that article has disappeared from 

Coincidence or conspiracy?

Jen and Justin want you to know/think they’re fine. So they went Christmas tree shopping last night because I guess they don’t have assistants and the paps were around to take the shots. They’ll make it to the holidays then? (But if they don’t, I’m telling you, JOHN STAMOS.)


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