He’s all tats and leather, right? So New York cool on his motorbike, arty for life, so much so that a proper pair of board shorts, while on holiday in Mexico, would be a character violation...

Check out Justin Theroux’s preferred swimwear in Cabo with Jennifer Aniston -- cut off jean shorts, in black, OF COURSE, with a leather belt, perfect for sunbathing, and a pageboy cap, because his head must not be hot enough.

When these photos were first released on Monday, Jacek and I debated what made Theroux more douchey -- I say the shorts and he’s side-eyeing him for the hat, but they both amount to the same Try; more confirmation that Jennifer Aniston is engaged to That Guy, the one who cares as much as she does while fronting like he’s way beyond it. 

God, they really are perfect for each other.