Jennifer Aniston’s Cake was not acquired coming out of TIFF even though she received a standing ovation and didn’t wear a bra. So why won’t anyone spend any money on what’s being called her finest performance? Well, you don’t spend money unless you think you’re going to make money. And right now, no one thinks they can make any money off of Aniston getting ugly in an attempt for Oscar. The question that distributors would be asking themselves is whether or not people want to see a mediocre film featuring above average acting by a popular celebrity. For regular people it’s a hard sell. For the Aniston faithful? Also a hard sell. That’s not how they support her. That’s not how they want to see her. Which is the problem when you rely on the MiniVan Majority. It’s a one-zone interest.

But she’ll always have the hair.

The MiniVan Majority will follow the hair.

Here’s a new behind-the-scenes video from Jen’s Living Proof photo shoot featuring that famous hair and her now-famous hairstylist, Chris McMillan, who can’t stop messing with the hair. Not when the hair is everything.