First shot of Jennifer Aniston’s engagement ring from Justin Theroux. It’s …

Really big.

Obscenely big.

But it had to be, didn’t it? It had to be at least as big if not bigger than the Jolie’s. Click here to see the Jolie’s. The Jolie’s is big but it’s also lean and sharp; reminds me of Superman and the Fortress of Solitude, or whatever it is they call that place where all the shards of glass and ice are sticking up from the ground. Click here to see. That is totally Angelina Jolie’s engagement ring as designed by Brad Pitt. By contrast Jen’s ring is like a chubby gurgling baby, rotund and bouncy.

And, just like when the Jolie waved it around a few months ago, Jen’s is on display on purpose.

These are exclusive images released by Film Magic, always celebrity friendly and a trusted go-to for celebrities when they need to stage photos. But why now? Why this?

Well, it’s Monday. Which means she’s made the tabloid deadlines. These pictures will be all over every magazine this week. What else happens this week?


Brad Pitt’s ads for Chanel No5 will finally be released on October 15.


A coincidence again?

And again?

And again, and again, and again?

Always a coincidence, isn’t it? It’s never, never, EVER a conspiracy.

By the way, speaking of Pitt’s ads for Chanel No5, do you feel lucky?