Jen on the internet with her hair & puppies

Lainey Posted by Lainey at March 7, 2011 08:21:29 March 7, 2011 08:21:29

Jennifer Aniston has joined the internet. For cash money!

As you know, Jen gets paid by smartwater. They talked her in to doing an ad on YouTube. “Jen” Aniston has joined YouTube!

There’s a special appearance by Keenan Cahill and the Double Rainbow dude, and puppies, and a hilarious parrot (she’s really good in that part), and of course her hair…

A lot of hair touching, hair blowing, hair sexing…

And I can’t stop fixating on her face. Right at the beginning, what is happening there? Also…it finally came to me. When Jen speaks without moving her lips…it’s totally Blake Lively! Or is that the other way around?


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