There is much snickering on the internets today about Jennifer Aniston’s new project. A new movie called The Baster, costarring Jason Bateman, about a woman who gets artificially inseminated only to have her best friend switch the sperm sample and replace it with his own. Something like that.

It’s a comedy, obviously. And she gets to look very pretty, with her hair blown out perfectly, even while waddling around with pregnancy padding, and they probably worked it into her contract that Oprah’s lighting technician will oversee the labour scenes. She’ll glow even when she’s pushing!

Needless to say, since there has been a shrew reputation following the ex Mrs Pitt, she’s now becoming the object of much ridicule. And of course she’s being criticised by some for doing the same thing over and again.

Lite movies.

But really…

Is Jennifer Aniston Kate Winslet?


Jennifer Aniston has found a formula and a fanbase. The fanbase is the MiniVan Majority. Baby making, baby talking, baby strolling, baby dressing, baby comparing, shopping, shoes, dating, breaking up, more babies, babies, babies, daddies and babies, he’s into me but I’m not into him but only when he’s not into me – the baby/dating/more babies obsession is ruling pop culture. Supposedly, this is what women want to watch.

And Jennifer Aniston is delivering.

Finally, Jennifer Aniston has stopped overreaching. She is not stretching. She is content to play the same cute character, with the same great body, and the same Rachel Green mannerisms over and over and over again, and definitely a wedding scene when her main character gets to try on dresses! And she’s doing it while she still can.

Don’t fault a girl for staying mediocre.


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