It was reported a few months ago that Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux would be working together on a short film for smartwater, which Aniston endorses, like to spoof all the bullsh-t that’s written about her.

The video was released today.


Well, here, watch. We’ll discuss on the other side.


A moment or two, right?

I like the Rachel line. And the “real hair” is cute, sure. But in between, all the “oh my gosh”-ing and the hair touching, it was a lot less clever than I thought it would be. It was a lot less Funny Or Die. It could have used some Funny Or Die. I mean, I feel like a film school class could have come up with this. And Justin is a proper Hollywood screenwriter. (Am I the only one who thinks Tropic Thunder is a great script?) I can’t be the only one expecting more.

An idea like this requires balls and it requires some bite. After all, she’s answering back to all the rumours and the tabloids and a narrative that’s been written for her that she claims she has had nothing to do with. It takes more than baby padding. It would have been great if they’d been willing to go there with Brange. It would have been great if those were the (supposedly fake) stories she addressed. Because this, this is not great. This might even be a little embarrassing.