Duana wrote about how good it was to see them all civil at the Dexter table at the SAG Awards a couple of weeks ago - click here for a refresher.

More than civil.

That night, they were apparently holding hands and kissing the entire time. And now it appears they’re ready to publicly confirm it - after cancer, divorce, and Julia Stiles, Jennifer Carpenter and Michael C Hall are back together. Unmistakeably so. Here they are in Santa Monica yesterday. Photo Assumption says they’re incapable of containing their happiness.

Can it work like this? The second time around? After new lovers and betrayal in between? SPOILER ALERT - and as for the writers on the show, is this, um, what they were after? Real life is weird enough. When you throw a layer of fake life on top of that, OF COURSE they’re all crazy. How can they not be crazy???