The cover of the new issue of PEOPLE Magazine features Jennifer Garner’s “heartbreak” with an inset of a crusty-looking Ben Affleck and the word “nanny” just below his face. How can the MiniVan Majority resist that?

While the magazine makes a point of reiterating that Ben has denied the affair with the nanny, Christine Ouzounian, it’s clearly just a formality because they spend the rest of the time talking about how Jen’s trying to cope with the “ultimate betrayal”, going so far as to hint at the fact that poor Jen was thinking of maybe working it out, until they all went on holiday in the Bahamas at the end of the June, where she found out that he was f-cking the governess.

Yesterday PEOPLE posted this story about Jen’s “sweet day out with her kids” that included a trip to the nail spa with Seraphina and Legoland with all three of her children. Jen’s entire itinerary is recounted by PEOPLE, along with quotes from witnesses.

First she and Seraphina went for lunch where Jen “was so focused on her little girl, she didn't even notice all of the people looking at her. They were laughing and talking and they both had big smiles on their faces. It was adorable."

After that it was manicure and pedicures, with another source observing that “(Jen) is so down-to-earth. She and her little girl were having a great time”.

Once their nails were done, Jen and Seraphina picked up Violet and Samuel and they all hit up the farmers’ market and Legoland where yet another onlooker tells PEOPLE that Jen “was like a supermom, taking them places and giving them her full attention. The kids and Jen both looked like they were very happy. They clearly adore their mom”. 

Thick, thicker, thickness.

And all this just as photos of Ben, with Christine, at his place on July 17 are now going viral. Click here to see. Look at that smirk on his face.

So on the one hand, there’s an estranged wife, the perfect mother, beyond reproach, and from the other side, he’s got a former nanny who’s telling everyone they’re in love and she’s not hiding from the media.

For such a supposedly smart guy, he’s getting badly outplayed.