When the first Hunger Games movie was in production there were all kinds of rumours that it was like camp on set for the actors. People in and out of each other’s trailers, not unlike how it was in the early days of 90210. No one knows for sure which combinations but now Jennifer Lawrence has confirmed that she and Liam Hemsworth definitely hooked up.

Jen was on Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen and they played Plead The Fifth. He asked her about the recent rumours that she and Liam are doing it. She confirmed that “I did, at one point”.

See, I’m reading that as past tense. Especially since she references them growing up together. Which might be better gossip, because if they’re together now, whatever, they’re free to be together. But, like, if it happened before, well, how far before? When he was with Miley before? Production on the first Hunger Games movie started in May 2011, over two years before Miley and Liam officially called off their engagement, when Jen was already with Nicholas Hoult. You’ll recall, Jen and Nicholas broke up for a few months right after she won her Oscar in 2013. Liam and Miley were still together that year, through that summer, and announced that they were over in September 2013. How do you think this hookup was timed?

While Jennifer was willing to discuss Liam though, the Chris Martin question wasn’t as well received. I understand this. It’s called embarrassment. As for whether or not Jennifer Lawrence would ever consider Justin Bieber, she’s pretty definitive in her answer: